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"What we know - is limited, what we do not know - endless"

Lucius Apuleius

The New Ukraine School of Professional Journalism is a platform for communication of professional journalists aimed at the interchange of information, experience, ideas and innovations, as well as at extending knowledge and skills in different genres.



The School targets professional development and support of the leading Ukrainian journalists, who observe the code of conduct, understand the nature of the journalistic profession, respect the principles of independent mass media in a democratic society, and share European values.

We join together representatives of all kind of media from all over Ukraine.






The NEW UKRAINE School of Professional Journalism (hereinafter - School) - the platform for communication among professional journalists, exchange of knowledge, experience, ideas, and initiatives, as well as at deepening professional knowledge and working practices in various genres in order to educate competent leaders in Ukrainian journalism that would share and stand up for the highest standards of journalism, observe the ethical principles, understand the essence and nature of the journalist profession, and adhere to the ideals of independent media in a democratic society, uphold European values. This project is called to stimulate professional and world outlook development of journalists, promote competition mechanisms and encourage the use of best practices and implementation of innovation projects in the media.

Despite of the existence of the numerous specialised education initiatives in the media area, the School is the only programme in Ukraine which offers a common world-view communication platform for professional communication in a competent journalistic environment, helps to overcome stereotypes etc.

The project is implemented by the Agency for Legislative Initiatives. The main financial support was provided by the International Renaissance Foundation; additional costs were also given by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Office in Ukraine, Council of Europe and "Euromedia" company. In 2012 the main funding is provided by the Network Media Program of "Open Society" Foundation and International Renaissance Foundation; additional costs is also given by the Council of Europe.


The main School form of work is the conduct of annual sessions. In 2009-2012 the Agency for Legislative initiatives arranged four Schools. Each included three- four sessions (in 2011, 2012 - three) (on average - 12 study days annually) in different regions of Ukraine (Kyiv, Crimea, Odesa, and Lviv).

The School has special format: the programme covers both general humanitarian topics (60-70%) and professional subjects (40-30%), as well as the number of academic sessions and consistent support to the network communication in the intersession period (homework, additional meetings etc).

The session programmes aim at achieving the School mission to get young journalists united around basic professional values and interests, to ensure fruitful communication and exchange of experience among them, to support their professional growth, to broaden their outlook, and to encourage their value and personality development.

The programmes are formed in order to meet the key needs and challenges faced by the Ukrainian society. The general part is prepared by the experts of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives, one of the leading Ukrainian think tanks with ten years of experience in NGO sphere. The projects implemented by the Agency have given the organisation a large expert potential and access to a broad network of partners which includes prominent Ukrainian scholars, politicians, civil servants, and experts.

The specialised lectures, trainings, and seminars are formed by the members of the Project Board composed of recognised media experts. The Project Board members also deliver lectures themselves.More detailed information on the Board activities and its role can be found on School web-site in "Project board" section.

During the sessions, the School participants have a possibility to assess the programme and to propose other topics that would be interesting and useful for the subsequent sessions.


The School has produced about 80 alumni which represent various media from different regions of Ukraine. More detailed information on alumni can be found in the "Alumni" section of the web-site.


The network of journalists, who participated in the School, is supported by the annual Alumni Conference which aims at helping alumni from different years to meet each other and unite. The Conference is intended to become an additional basis to strengthen the communication platform for the journalist community. At the conference the alumni get the opportunity to get to know each other, share the experience and opinions in the key problems of Ukrainian media and ways to solve them.  The Conference is also a platform where new ideas and common initiatives are born. Thus, at the Conference in 2012 the idea of Internet-portal was first discussed. Exclusively at the Alumni Conference School graduates get annually their diplomas.



The result of the cooperation with the Alumni has become a project  - "New Ukraine" - an educational website of professional and socially responsible journalism. The website was launched in March 2011. Over the period of Project implementation, it has become the place where current and future journalists, students, college entrants, public figures, and active young people can get information on the highest journalist and editor standards. The website is also used to establish communication and coordination among its visitors. The School alumni and participants are actively involved in the functioning of the New Ukraine website through publication of their materials. At the moment, around twenty of them are doing this on a regular basis.

During 2011, there has been quite intense communication between the Agency for Legislative Initiatives and the School participants on the one hand and the media and NGOs from the post-Soviet countries. Thus, with the support the International Renaissance Foundation, the 2009 School alumni Volodymyr Hrebyonkin and Yaroslav Hrebenyuk participated in the first regional School of Journalist Investigations in the area of public finance in Baku, Azerbaijan.

In July 2011, the Agency for Legislative Initiatives arranged a study visit for a group of Azerbaijani journalists, alumni of the Baku School of Political Studies to Kyiv. During their visit, the journalists met with their Ukrainian colleagues and shared their experience of how the media functions in Azerbaijan, as well as they discussed the problems faced by their country.

In addition, with the support of the IRF East-East: Partnership Without Borders programme, the 2009 School alumni Oleksiy Kryvosheev and Vladyslav Ivchenko, the 2010 School alumnis Taras Ilkiv, as well as the 2011 School alumni Lidia Yakusheva visited the international conference "Financial Literacy and Economic Journalism as a Factor of Stability and Fight Against Poverty" during which that had a possibility to meet their colleagues from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan,  Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and Eastern European countries.

School alumni are also involved into other activities of Agency for Legislative Inittiatives: conferences, round tables and clubs of Ukrainian School of Political Studies, personal development programs.

In 2012 a School of Journalism for the students of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic University” was opened with the assistance of alumni of the NEW UKRAINE School of Professional Journalism, in particular Artem Stelmashov, Editor of alumni web-site “”, 2010 School alumni. Artem Stelmashov, Oleksiy Kryvosheyev, Yuliya Snurnikova, Vira Yedemska, Uliana Dryuchkova, Olexiy Bilovol, Nadiya Rohozina acted as lecturers at the School.